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Where To Get An Online Mechanical Engineering Degree

A mechanical engineering degree program can provide a good educational foundation for individuals who are interested in the maintenance and design of mechanical processes and systems. An online mechanical engineering degree can provide the training and education necessary in order to become a mechanical engineer, which has made our list of best engineering degrees. With so many different schools to choose from, it can often be difficult to know which schools offer the best programs will help to further your career. Here are some tips on where to get an online mechanical engineering degree.

The University of Illinois

The Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Illinois is one of the most renowned engineering degree programs in the country, and offers a number of online courses for people who want to study at home. Individual will need to complete 32 credit hours of coursework. Eight of those hours will have needed to spend on completing a thesis. If an individual want to enroll in a degree which doesn’t incorporate a thesis, they will need to complete 36 credit hours of coursework and will have to finish an independent project. Applications for enrollment can be made directly on the university’s website. The program teaches lectures and marks assignments through a central management system, and courses are scheduled to meet the particular requirements of students, allowing them to view lectures in their own time, and devise their own schedule.

The University of North Dakota

Students who want to enroll in the University of North Dakota’s mechanical engineering program can take advantage of a Bachelor of Science, or BSC, program in the field, with highly qualified and experienced lecturers and staff offering modules in a number of related subjects. The course is accredited by ABET, and the university’s central online system allows students to complete coursework and view lecture slides in their own time. Studying for a degree program at The University of North Dakota engineering from home can have a whole host of benefits. It can often work out cheaper as there will be no accommodation costs to pay if you are attending the university from a long distance away. Students are also able to study in their own time, ideal if they have other commitments such as work or are looking after a family.

Penn Foster

Known for its home-learning programs, the degree program in mechanical engineering at Penn Foster has been accredited by the DETC, and has been designed to prepare students for a career in mechanical engineering or technology. Alumni of the program have gone on to secure employment at construction sties, laboratories, industrial plants, manufacturing plants, engineering firms in the public and private sector, and government agencies. The course runs for four semesters and there are a number of different modules including mathematics, science, fluid mechanics, and advanced components of mechanical engineering. Coursework and assignments can be submitted through the centralized computer system, meaning that students can study on their own terms, and at a time in convenient to them. In order to enroll in the program, applicants will need to have obtained a high school diploma or the educational equivalent of this qualification. Examinations are taken at the end of each semester.

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