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Types of Online Engineering Degrees

Engineering is one field that can be extremely fruitful in the long run. If you are a student and have a knack for science, it could be your potential field for higher studies that can lead to a fulfilling career. Engineering is all about using Science as a tool to solve real life problems. In the real world, it also happens to be one of the most well paid jobs in the industry since there is constant innovation in this field.

Types of online engineering degrees

Since engineering is a discipline like Art, there are also many branches of the genre of education. There are four basic types of engineering- chemical, mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering.

Acquiring a degree in these forms of engineering takes four years, irrespective of which type of engineering you choose.

Chemical engineering deals with converting basic raw materials into an end product that can be put to use. It is concerned with the design and operation of plants and equipments used in the process of this conversion.

Mechanical engineering is all about using the principles of Physics and materials in science for designing, analyzing and maintaining mechanical systems.

Electrical engineering is the study of electronics, application of electricity and electromagnetism. It deals with problems associated with electric power transmission electrical machines.

Other sub-types of engineering include biomedical engineering, nuclear engineering, aeronautical engineering, marine engineering, environmental engineering etc.

How to Apply For Online Engineering Degrees

Owing to the large scarcity of engineers in the United States, Universities in the country have stepped it up to meet the growing demand of engineering, therefore, they have started offering various online engineering courses to make both the enrollment and education process all the more simpler.

All you need to do is choose a university that offers such courses and apply there, submitted the required documents and meeting the eligibility criteria. Since it’s an online course, you’re left free with ample time. Hence, it is always advisable to take up as many engineering internship programs as you can. This not only adds credit to your resume but also gives you hands on experience which will be helpful in future if you plan on taking up engineering as a full time career.

Potential salaries and future outlook for engineering graduates

Engineering off late, has emerged as one of the fastest growing field with great career opportunities for individuals. Civil engineers on an average get paid around a whooping $77,560 per year and $37.29 per hour as per 2010 statistics. For an entry level job the education required in this field is just a bachelor’s degree without work experience. The numbers of jobs available as of 2010 were 262,800 and the predicted growth for job outlook between the years 2010 – 2020 is up by 19%. Electrical engineers as of 2013 get paid between $ 50,863 – $107,965 per year and $14 – $31 on an hourly basis. A bachelor’s degree is enough for an entry level job. A mechanical engineer gets paid around $82000 annually and $35 -$45. A chemical engineer gets paid around $138,561 – $1,173,282 annually and $16 – $40. To get an entry level job a bachelor’s degree is sufficient. [Reference for stats found at bls.gov using data from 2010]

Engineering is touted to be one of the main avenues of future growth since in this profession there is less attrition as compared to any other profession worldwide. Overall engineering employment is predicted to grow about 11 percent largely due to growth in environment engineering sector.

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