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Types of Engineering Jobs

The field of engineering experienced a swift rise since two or three decades. Students are sometimes overwhelmed with the options when it comes to choosing the exact line or the area of subject to choose for honing in on a career. Below is a list of engineering jobs that can help to understand the skills required for particular type of engineering subject.

A/C Engineer or Air Conditioning Engineer – This job is specially designed for people who are interested in working for climate control or work related to mechanics. They will have to design or service the parts of the air conditioners.

Aeronautic Engineer – Interested in air planes and space? Aeronautic engineering helps in leading to a job that will require designing, building and working on the science of aircrafts.

Animatronics Engineer – It is a type of job wherein the engineer will be asked to apply skills by using technology in constructing mechanized creatures and beings with special effects.

Architectural Engineers – This type of professional has to deal with the structure of the houses, offices and various other buildings. They will have to apply scientific and mathematical skills here.

AutoCAD Designing Engineer – An AutoCAD designing engineering job has to look forward to industries that include, construction, interior designing. This type of job has to design images in two dimensional or three dimensional, as per the provided instructions using an AutoCAD tool.

Bioengineer – Bio-engineers are used to develop various kind of medical instruments by researching and implementing the sciences of biological science.

Biomedical Engineer – Bio-medical engineering jobs are a blend of the biological field and medical field. They are made to work for solving health and medical related problems.

Biological Engineer – Biological engineering jobs solely depend on agricultural engineering jobs or other biological specialization such as soil, water, natural vegetation, etc.

Building Designing Engineer – This job is related to the architectural field. However, this job involves the designing of the buildings exclusively which includes systematic drawings, mathematics, science, etc.

Car Designing Engineer – A Car Designing Engineering job is a big part of the automobile industry, as you might imagine. It involves designing of the cars in different shapes and making it look different from the rest.

Civil Engineer – The job of a civil engineer is not solely tied to buildings. They can help in planning and building roads, parking lots, bridges along with houses, buildings, etc.

Computer Engineer – Computer engineering jobs is closely related to software engineering. They will have to work on different programs and languages to build databases and the online system which is widely used in the current era.

Electrical Engineer – This type of job believes in people who are used with using the electricity. The maintenance, repairing of various electronics appliances is done by electrical engineering. Few jobs of such streams also include designing new technologies of electrical field.

Environmental Engineer – The jobs of environmental engineers is to keep a close look on the environment. The natural habitat, global warming, the atmosphere and similar other areas are the areas of consideration for these people.

Flight Engineer – Skilled people are required in this kind of job of Flight Engineer. They will have to make sure that the flying is made safe. They can be called as the third party of the crew of the cockpit.

Industrial Engineer – These engineers have to work on the manufacturing process, operations related to assembly line, supply chain of the products and its quality and efficiency.

Instrumentation Engineer – Instrumentation Engineering jobs are made for instrumentation engineers who are interested in developing list of instruments in many different fields.

Marine Engineer – This type of jobs requires people who can help in designing, constructing, maintaining and supporting the recreational and naval vessels, equipments and various other things those are required in the marine field.

Petroleum Engineer – Petroleum engineering jobs likes skilled people who can locate the deposits of petroleum. They have to work with a team of people to develop cost effective and efficient methods to recover petrol from the deposits

Robotics Engineer – As the name suggests, robotics engineers are mainly used to design and develop robots that can be used for commercial, industrial or personal use.

There seems an endless list to enlist the types of engineering jobs for the future engineers. One will have to choose the area of his interest and the type of work they will have to do in the future with respect to the chosen field. The above list briefly describes the job profile for the engineering jobs.

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