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Types of Electrical Engineering Degrees

Electrical engineering is a profession that applies scientific theory to develop and design new technologies in electronics. Around the globe, there are a number of universities and engineering schools offering such degrees. You can even pursue this degree through online degree programs if you so choose. To pursue an electrical engineering degree, you must have a strong creative mind and must also be good in math and science. Here in this article we will help future electrical engineers around the globe the to know the specific types of electrical engineering degrees that offered by engineering schools and universities.

Types of Electrical Engineering Degrees

There are various types of electrical engineering degrees offered by engineering schools and you can choose the specialization you’re interested. To be an electrical engineer you must at least hold a B.S in the electronic field. Here are some of the specializations that you might want to choose to focus on.

Electronic Engineering

A degree in Electronic Engineering involves the study of hydro, natural sources of engineering such as solar, wind and electronics products such as TV, mobile, communication devices etc. An electronic engineering degree offers immense job opportunities in developing new electronic applications.

Mechatronics Engineering

Mechatronics engineering can lead to jobs in fields that include automotive, HVAC, nanotechnology, aeronautics, nanotechnology and nuclear engineering. To pursue this degree, you must be good at technical drawing, physics, and math. You must also know the basics of kinematics, hydraulics and fluid dynamics.

Avionics Engineering

If you’re passionate about designing space shuttles, rockets and aircraft. Then you can choose a degree in Avionics Engineering. Among the top employers of aerospace engineers in the world is NASA. As an avionics engineer you can work with various electronic components in many different types of aircraft.

Biomedical-Electronics Engineering

Biomedical-electronics engineering is a field in which people work on building new machines and improving the technology in MRI, X-Ray, artificial limbs and hearts, etc. If you’re passionate about the development of new products in the medical field, then this degree is one that’s worth looking into.

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