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Types of Civil Engineering Jobs

Civil Engineering is abroad profession subdivided into several sub disciplines with handful types of civil engineering jobs. This field deals with construction, design and maintenance of built structures. The profession is practiced both in the public and in private sector. Civil engineer qualification requires a minimum of 4-year degree and a formal licensure to practice. The common civil engineer works are the structural designs and the construction sector. The group of engineers here are under constant pressure to offer their services in the ever-demanding structures, buildings and common constructions, which people use daily.

Here is the list of common types of civil engineering jobs in this industry

Transport engineering – involves building structures such as bridges, tunnels and freeway interchanges to facilitate flow of traffic while allowing expansion and other higher use of traffic structures.

Water treatment engineering– involves sewage plants, fresh and wastewater delivery system and even water dam’s development.

Structural engineering – involves an analysis and design of buildings and nonbuilding structures. This is the most wide and most common civil engineering discipline. This specialty lays emphasis on structural integrity, function and safety.

Environmental engineering – involves remediation of contaminated environment due to pollution caused by chemical, biological or thermal waste. This sub-discipline is also known as sanitary engineering and included assessing the environment for the effect of proposed actions such as hazardous waste disposal.

Geotechnical engineering – this area involves the rock and the soil where civil structures are standing. This civil engineering niche design foundations and retaining walls with the help of geology, material science and testing knowledge.

Constructions engineering – involves executing structural and civil designs including transportation, environmental, geotechnical and site developments. Construction engineering doubles up as civil engineering logisticians, contract reviewers and monitoring market prices for constructions supplies. Construction engineers are ever on high demand and always have regular jobs with the best remuneration in this industry.

Control engineering – involves designing and creating systems with desired behaviors. This field applies sensors to measure the desired output performance without human presence. The best example of control engineering is space flight equipment and explorations.

Municipal or urban engineering – involves cities and towns infrastructures designs. It includes, designing , construction and maintaining streets sidewalks and lighting system, water and sewer supply systems, solid waste and disposal management, electricity and telecommunications networks, public transport services networks and bus stations.

Coastal engineering – is usually a civil engineering discipline concerned with management of coastal areas for flooding and erosion.

Forensic engineering – involves investigating the materials, structures and components that fail to work as intended. These materials or structures might cause injury or damage property and the law of liability comes in here. This discipline isn’t a preserve of structures because it is the discipline behind investigating process and procedures that cause machinery and automotive failures.

A job in civil engineering however requires high concentration and heavy investment in mathematics and science. Additionally, all types of civil engineering jobs require a degree and a license. However, having a postgraduate qualification makes you a much more attractive candidate in the civil engineering industry.

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