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The 5 Best Engineering Colleges For Today’s Students

The need for technology in today’s world is expanding and the demand for engineering is rising. Fortunately for today’s society, there are many quality engineering schools for students who want to get into this amazing field.

The five best engineering college listed here feature degree programs for many industries. These include programs for electronics, industrial engineering, mechanical functions and civil engineering among many others. These programs do vary based on what they have to offer and are worth exploring.

All of these engineering programs are fully accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology. ABET inspects these schools and more regularly to ensure that they are following the proper educational standards that are required of them.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Based out of the town of Cambridge, MIT is heralded for being one of the world’s most prominent schools in the field of engineering. The school covers laboratories for engineering the medical and manufacturing fields and programs for nuclear science, mechanical engineering and chemical engineering among other fields. The school offers both undergraduate and graduate positions in many of these fields and has one of the largest libraries in the country, the Dewey Library.

MIT does have very strong standards for its admissions. Students who have GPAs of 3.5 or higher and SAT scores of at least 2000 are more likely to be admitted to MIT. It may also cost close to $45,000 per year to attend the school.

Stanford University

The California-based Stanford University is home to an engineering department that is among the best in the nation. Stanford particularly places a strong emphasis on bioengineering, a practice for life sciences. Information technology and environmental support are also covered as Stanford focuses on creating a connected world that is responsible the the planet.

Stanford typically requires students to have 3.5 GPAs or higher and SAT scores close to 2100. It may also cost close to $60,000 to spend a year at this school in its engineering program.

University of California-Berkley

Cal-Berkley places a very strong emphasis on engineering. The Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation is a relatively new center that focuses on educating students on design concepts and civil engineering projects. Mechanical and nuclear engineering programs are also available. Support for opening engineering-related businesses is also provided through the assistance of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology.

The cost to attend this school varies based on where one is from. It will cost $34,000 per year on average for an in-state student to attend and $55,000 for those who are from outside California. SAT scores of 1800 or higher are also needed alongside ACT scores of about 30.

University of Illinois

Located in Champaign, the University of Illinois places a great deal of its emphasis on life sciences and medical engineering. The Grainger Initiative has promoted the development of research and studies in the field of life science with a strong emphasis on managing different types of medical studies and the development of new drugs.

As a public school, Illinois charges $15,000 per year for students within Illinois. Out-of-state students must pay about $30,000 per year for admission. SAT scores of 1800 and ACT scores of 26 are often required among students to ensure that they are capable of entering the school.

Purdue University

Located in the northern area of Indiana, Purdue University is heralded for being a top-rate school with regards to its engineering program. The school places a strong focus on mechanical engineering. The Engineer of 2020 initiative is especially important as it relates to the ways how an engineer’s functions are to develop and manage different setups with an emphasis on analytical controls and integration. Biological engineering and industrial programs are also provided by the school.

Students within Indiana can expect to pay about $10,000 per year to study at Purdue. Those outside the state will have to spend about $30,000 each year. SAT and ACT scores of 1800 and 26 are also recommended although those who have higher scores tend to get the best possible treatment out of the system.

These are five quality engineering schools for all students to consider. These schools will provide people with many solutions dedicated to helping them learn how to work with engineering in many fields. People should still be aware of what it may cost to attend a school and what proper test grades are required in order to get into such places.

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