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Info About Mechanical Engineering Jobs

Mechanical engineers interested in relocating will want to explore New Mexico for more than that state’s scenic beauty — the median salaries for engineers there are among the highest in America.

If boosting your income is a priority, consider the average $104,061 difference in the median types of mechanical engineering jobs salary paid by U.S. companies that make circuit board products and those that offer financial services such as banks.

This survey is administered by Enetrix, and is produced in partnership with the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE), and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). All data submitted is encrypted and confidential.

On paper at least, the engineering profession and salary of different types of mechanical engineering jobs is thriving. According to the most recent biannual report on the engineering job market by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and online survey by ASME in April 2012, the unemployment rate for engineers is, at less than 3 percent, the lowest it’s been since the last recession recently. On top of that, more mechanical engineers are employed than ever before.

That kind of information, and much more, is available in a recently released salary survey that offers an updated picture of the income earning power held by U.S. mechanical engineers and is now available through ASME Press.

“2012 Engineering Income and Salary Survey,” which was sponsored by ASME, is the result of an electronic survey of ASME members. Between July and August, members responded to a detailed questionnaire that sought an array of demographic information, is slowly increasing

The responses from nearly 12,000 members were compiled by ASME, which then published them. This survey is a comprehensive view of what members earn in the mid year of 20111 to 2012. The data is broken down into 18 categories, such as state, gender, industry, degree of responsibility or job title, level of education and length of experience. The survey will be updated every year.

While these statistics apply to engineering as a whole, reports from the field suggest that they are true for mechanical engineers as well. There are more listings in our job bulletins than ever, A bulletin with job listings submitted by employers and employment agencies is available from each regional office, Information Central, and on ASME International’s World Wide Web site at http:/www.asme.org.

Despite the plethora of positive signs, for too many mechanical engineers today’s boom still resembles all too closely the bust of the early recessions. Plummeting demand for defense products and ongoing re-engineering are just two factors prolonging the wave of corporate downsizings that started during the last recession. Furthermore, even some of the increases in employment reflect contract or temporary work, which in many cases does not provide health and other benefits.

For one thing, the unemployment figures are misleading because they don’t include people who are discouraged from looking for work. Further, if an engineer who’s been laid off takes a job as a bank teller, he’s not counted as an unemployed engineer; he’s considered employed. As a result, no one really knows what’s happening out there.

For years, employment prospects have been closely tied to the economic prospects of the largest manufacturers. Big companies have been reinventing themselves, however, and they will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. In many cases, such companies are developing engineering, manufacturing, and distribution processes that make them unique. Any process that can be considered a commodity because the knowledge or tools needed to support it are relatively inexpensive and easy to obtain, for instance is being off-loaded to smaller companies.

Here are some of the sample advertisements of different types of mechanical engineering jobs-

Sales Engineer Mechanical

An exciting opportunity to join a highly respected industry leader is now available. The ideal candidate should have a BS in engineering, a PE license is preferred but is not essential, the procession of excellent communications and marketing skills is required. The position involves the creation of new business opportunities that encompass calling on architects, engineers, and developers in promotion of company products. The position is based in Oklahoma City, OK, with some travel required. An attractive compensation package including company car is available.

Project Engineer – Mexico

Texas based steel construction firm has opening for a BSCE or equivalent construction degreed applicant. Must have strong oral and written communication skills for Spanish and English. Previous business experience in Mexico based projects desired. A minimum of ten years construction background required in petrochemical process structures with responsibility for steel/mechanical erection, safety and construction engineering.

Environmental Engineer

Performs site analysis and performs risk based closure assessment of contaminated groundwater and soils on related environmental sites to determine the most cost effective environmental corrective action. Performs groundwater pump test and aquifer parameters using SESOIL software. Designs appropriate soil vapor and dual vacuum groundwater extraction systems using model simulation of field processes, performs pilot testing, prepares start-up plans and implements designs by supervision field drilling and installation of groundwater monitoring wells and ancillary environmental systems. Requires BS degree in Environmental Engineering or Civil Engineering with a major in Environmental Engineering. Also requires three months experience in the job to be performed.

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