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Industrial Engineering Degrees

An industrial engineer is a professional you will not miss in any serious company which has the intention of maximizing the use of its human and natural resources. The work of an industrial engineer is to devise ways and means to increase the productivity of the company with the aim of maximizing profits. Industrial engineering requires a smart mind that can be able to handle both the mathematical and scientific aspects of management.

Before you become an industrial engineer, one is required to attain degree from an accredited university. Industrial engineering degrees are offered by accredited colleges and universities. The courses take a minimum of four years.
For you to enroll in any university to undertake a course in industrial engineering you must have a high school diploma. In the university you can either decide to major in any of the three major fields which include civil engineering, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. The degree course takes four years.

After completing your four year course the next step will be to enroll in an internship program, this gives you the technical experience and helps you in gaining first hand practical experience of what you studied in the classroom.

Due to the stiff competition in the market it will be prudent if you enroll for a master’s degree program, by getting a masters degree in industrial engineering you will better your chances of getting hired by any employer. This also gives you an opportunity to specialize in one particular field of study. During your masters program you can decide to specialize in any of the following fields; industrial research, industrial management an industrial planning. Financial management is also a specialty in industrial engineering.

After you have attained your master’s degree the next step will be to get a license from the state. This license can only be issued after you have passed all the exams. After getting the license you will be free to apply for any industrial engineering job.

Types of industrial engineering degrees

There are four major types of industrial engineering degrees. They include the following:

Bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering – This is the first or basic degree you will get after completing the first four year training program.

Masters degree in industrial engineering [MIE] – After attaining your undergraduate degree you can decide to enroll for a master’s degree program. This program gives you a chance to major and specialize in particular field. The master’s degree program involves a lot of course work and the degree is awarded based on the course work done.

At the completion of this course you will attain a master’s degree in industrial engineering.

Master of Science in industrial engineering [MSIE] – After completing your masters you can as well decide to get deeper and do extensive research and study about a particular field of study. This program involves extensive research and thesis writing. After completing the program you will be awarded with a PhD.

Doctorate of philosophy in industrial engineering – This is a program or course mostly taken by scholars who have made some impact in the industry. It is a course taken by those who have been in the industry for long and have brought positive contributions to the industry. This program earns you a doctorate degree in industrial engineering.

The minimum yearly wage for an industrial engineer can range from $ 74,000 to $ 78,000 depending on the state and also prevailing market rates. The future looks bright for industrial engineers as more jobs continue to crop up within the ever growing market. It is estimated that at least 10% of new jobs are being created on a yearly basis. [Ref: bls.gov]

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